Recycle Promise

Nature, Recycle Promise

Over the years, Free Range Chef’s aim has been to cut down on wastage and become a planet friendly company.

Due to this for our Fill My Fridge service we moved away from using the standard EPS/Styrofoam/Polystyrene packaging, as these are derived from oil and are difficult to recycle. Since they are not sustainable, and not made from a renewable resource, they did not meet our core values in helping make the planet and you healthy.

Our Fill My Fridge Packaging

When you receive a Fill My Fridge order, it comes in a 100% recyclable chilled container. This can simply be folded flat and put with your normal recycling.

Our main food boxes are made from bamboo and are a sustainable alternative to traditional food boxes with an oil-based lining. They are extremely versatile for hot or cold food, and are microwave, oven, & freezer safe.

We also use an EcoBowl for all our soups, salads and sauces. These are made from a paper sourced from managed plantations and have a plant based BioPlastic lining to make the EcoBowl a sustainable packaging option.

We source these food containers from a company called EcoWare who are New Zealand's first carboNZero certified packaging company.