Food Consultant

There are many times when a fresh set of eyes can help you find exactly what you’ve been searching for. The Free Range Chef Food Consultant service can help your business with a wide range of issues which could include:

  • Developing or redevelopment of menus and menu presentation including
    • Menu conception, costing and pricing.
  • Recipe development and testing
  • Increasing profits by strengthening turnover and sales or by reducing costs including but not limited to:
    • Negotiating with suppliers to get the best price and service.
    • Setting up stock takes and working systems.
    • Food costing, wastage, profit percentages and wage percentages
  • Support in starting a new venture
  • Setting up a new kitchen
  • Brand development
  • Staff training including chef skills training and food production procedures
  • Health and safety procedures

Whether you are a new or existing business if you are looking for international experience, creativity and a thorough understanding of current food trends, Free Range Chef has the team to help get your kitchen on track.

Still wondering if you should consider hiring a food consultant? If you answer yes to any of the following then it will be worth the call.

  • Feel like you need some wider experience in the team to get things working?
  • Have a problem that has remained unsolved for a long time?
  • Need an unbiased or fresh insight?
  • Require a whole new food concept to be created?
  • Need specialised knowledge that is lacking in key areas?
  • Does your profitability need a boost?
  • New kitchen set up and just don’t have the time to plan it?
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