A Mediterranean Style Affair

Our Mediterranean styled menu was created to give you and your guests a slice of ‘The Med’ - Relaxed, colourful and flavorsome all enjoyed in an exciting atmosphere, in the beautiful surroundings of New Zealand.

We start with a summery array of flavours in our antipasto platters. Guest can leisurely enjoy tasting a selection of authentic but locally sourced ingredients.

A big pan Paella never fails to impress. Cooking Paella is exciting, flamboyant and a real spectacle for your guests to enjoy. As our chefs cook using traditional recipes and techniques, guests will be able to come and watch the magic happen with the smells wafting across the valley. For service, we invite guests into the experience by coming up to the pans before returning to a salad bar which complements their meal.

We finish the experience with your own selection of desserts, look out for a few of our classics to complete your Mediterranean experience.

Disclosure: If you or your guests have any specific dietary requirements please do let us know as we can cater for all food allergies and needs. All dishes listed are subject to produce availability and seasonality. Please note cost per head estimate is based on 100 guests. If your guest numbers are greater or smaller then we can quote accordingly. Costs excludes staff, travel, accommodation, and any hire equipment needed to complete menu selected.