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Culinary Team Building

“Everyone loves to cook and we want to ignite that passion through hands on, enjoyable cooking experiences.”

Our culinary team building programs are some of the most popular and effective employee bonding experiences. We offer a number of corporate-friendly foodie events. The menu includes classes, challenges, tours and unique dining experiences. Each is designed to nourish minds and hearts as well as bodies. 

Executive Master Class

We can provide high energy, hands on experiences to motivate and engage your staff or client partners. Our Executive Master Class can be run as a competition or as a more relaxed, yet irresistible, adventure for the discerning palate. This is an engaging event for all your guests - no matter what their skill in the kitchen.

Cooking Lessons

Our Cooking Lesson program is a fun and effective way to bring your team together to bond. Throughout this experience, groups learn more about each other through food preparation, cooking and dining together.

The objective of this team building program is to use food preparation, and the gourmet meal that is produced, as an active and powerful metaphor. Groups will experience all the components of a functioning team, bond together and get to know each other in a unique environment outside of the work place.

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