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Mediterranean Affair

Our Mediterranean styled menu was created to give you and your guests a slice of 'The Med' - Relaxed, colourful and flavoursome all enjoyed in an exciting atmosphere and New Zealand surroundings. 

We start with an array of flavours with our traditional Tapas Bar. Guests can leisurely enjoy tasting a selection of authentic but locally sourced ingredients and produce. 

A big pan paella then takes center stage as our chefs cook using traditional recipes and techniques, guests will be able to come and watch the magic happen while the smells entice them to taste. For service we welcome guests up to the big pans before returning to a comprehensive salad bar. 

We finish the experience with a selection of classic desserts to complete your Mediterranean affair. 


Grazing Antipasto Mezze Herbed beef meatballs, Dolmades - Rice stuffed vine leaves, Italian and Spanish salamis, Prosciutto, Stuffed baby peppers, stunning selection of local cheeses, dried fruit, Crudities and so much more

Paella's  - Choose from five traditional Paella dishes, including our Paella Carne, Tierra y mar and Marinera NZ seafood style. 

Salads - Smashed vine ripe tomato and basil salad, Israeli couscous salad, Broad bean, pea, roast beetroot and green bean salad, Rocket, pear and parmesan salad or our favourite Char grilled summer vegetables

Dessert - Tiramisu, Orange Panna Cotta with chocolate rice rocks, Dark chocolate and almond torte with cherry compote, Peaches and cream shots or the amazing Cantucci Amoretti layered Mascarpone cream. 

Disclosure: If you or your guests have any specific dietary requirements please do let us know as we can cater for all food allergies and needs. All dishes listed are subject to produce availability and seasonality.