About Free Range Chef

At Free Range Chef we take a flexible approach, working with clients to ensure all elements of an event are specifically tailored to their varied needs. Our aim is that all events are both a pleasure and memorable experience that is cherished for a life time.
– Stephen Weeks, Founder and Head Chef

Free Range Chef sprung from the passion for food of Head Chef, Stephen, and a desire to be free of the typical restraints of a restaurant kitchen.

Having won awards and built a skill set from extensive experience in many countries it is important to Stephen that he utilizes his full talents and those of his staff to offer a range of unique packages and services.

Free Range Chef’s mission and drive is to offer a customised food experience that exceeds expectations. We aim to increase the enjoyment of food in all those we cater for.

Whatever your food need, from entertaining guests in the comfort of your own home with our distinctive fine dining experience to healthy wholesome meals delivered to your door or tailored one on one cooking lessons, Free Range Chef can create a magnificent menu and enjoyable experience.

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