Poached Rhubarb with Set Vanilla Creme Fraiche

Served with blood orange jelly, and almond biscuit

Chocolate Budino mousse

With whisky caramel, salted Pretzel crunch and vanilla ice cream (V)

Hazelnut praline and Bailey’s ganache tartlet

Mulled winter fruits

With pain d'epice biscuit, fig and honey ice cream

Creme brulee tart


Chai Fried Coconut Rice Pudding

With cardamom winter fruits, tamarind toffee and chai spiced custard (VG)(NGA)

Dark Chocolate Vegan Torte

With salted pretzel crunch, whisky vegan caramel and coconut ice cream (VG)(NDA)

Bennetto Vegan Chocolate Mousse

With sweet orange, a hint of chilli, freeze-dried mandarin and cocoa nibs (VG)(NGA)(NDA)

Mulled Winter Fruits

With pain d'epice biscuit, and vegan ice cream

(NGA) No Gluten added (NDA) No Dairy added (V) Vegetarian (VG) Vegan

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