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Dessert Menu


Vanilla Crème Brûlée Tart 

With almond streusel base, Strawberry compote


Caramelised banana, nut crumble, chocolate marquise, vanilla mascarpone, caramel sauce and butter pastry tuille

Caramel Poached Apples

With apple fennel jelly, cheddar cheese puffs, walnut soil, boozy caramel and deer milk crema

Warm Chocolate Budino

Irish cream fluid gel with salted pretzel crunch and cherries

Peach Melba

Vanilla verjuice poached peach, raspberry sorbet, vanilla deer milk panna cotta, 

raspberries, lemon cremeux and toasted almond clusters

White Chocolate and Coconut Panna Cotta 

With kaffir lime, pineapple, freeze dried feijoa and chilli glass caramel  

Gato d'ametlla

A light citrus almond torte served warm with chocolate ice cream and berries

Greek Sticky Walnut Cake 

With cinnamon and spices, Date and coffee jam, and vanilla ice cream   


Chai Fried Coconut Rice Pudding 

With cardamom apricots, tamarind toffee and chai spiced custard (GF)

Dark Chocolate Cauliflower Torte

With chocolate cremeux mousse and bittersweet chilli orange sorbet 

Hazelnut Dukkah Baked Pear 

Served with espresso crème caramel and walnut biscotti (Vegan)

Can't decide? 

Why not ask our Executive Chef to create a menu for you based on your preferences and surprise your guests on the night.