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Entree Menu


Salad of Crispy Freedom Farm Spiced Orange Confit Pork Belly

Served with Asian crab and green mango salad with Vietnamese dressing (GF)

Salad of Juniper Wild Venison

Served with apple, hazelnut and Smoked Oat crumble, beer pickled onion, 

golden beetroot puree, fig vincotto – fresh herb oil

Salad of Salted Buffalo Curd, Shaved Fennel, Pear and Prosciutto

Served with salted red onion, parsley, lemon oil, Manuka honey and a lemon Dijon dressing

Slow Roast Pressed Lamb Breast 

Sous vide lamb belly served with amaranth, smoked eggplant, pistachio chimichurri, 

caramelised red wine onion, and confit sweet garlic, wild leaves, and lamb glaze

Roast Duck Breast

Served with shaved fennel and blood orange salad, tamarind 

and honey dressing, cashew and almond Dukkah


Salmon Mi Cuit 

Served with horseradish cream, pickled baby onion, watercress puree and salmon skin tapioca crisp

Thinking of the Islands

Fish ceviche with Papaya, ginger and cucumber Consommé with coriander oil and micro salad

Tortollini of Spinach and Snapper

Served with a leek, saffron and mascarpone sauce


Artichoke tart 

Served with roast leek cream and fresh herb vinaigrette (V)

Nut Labneh

Served with radish salsa Verde, minted courgette, broad bean and pea salad, marinated red onion, 

toasted hemp seed hearts, lemon fennel oil and chardonnay vinegar dressing (VG)(GF)

Salt Roasted Beetroot Tartar

Served with truffled cashew cream, toasted croute, caper berries, chives and micro

Salad of Salted Buffalo Curd

 Served with shaved fennel, pear, salted red onion, parsley, lemon oil, manuka honey 

and a lemon Dijon dressing with savoury granola

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