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Entree Menu


Lamb Breast with Amaranth

 smoked eggplant puree, pistachio chimichurri, caramelized red wine onion 

and confit sweet garlic, wild leaves, and lamb glaze

Pork Terrine 

with pear and saffron relish, melba toasts, pickles

Salmon Rillettes

smoked eel, bacon and cox's apple with Fennel and sesame seed breadsticks

Pulled Confit Duck Legs 

with Potato Samphire and Broad Bean Salad and Warm Bacon dressing


Roast Beetroot and Almond Tortelloni 

with a feta, toasted almond and micro herb salad and an orange butter sauce (V)

Carrot and Parsnip Soup 

with tarragon cashew sour cream

Spinach Formato 

with parmesan sauce, A tasty spinach souffle, with a heart of mozzarella and topped with a Parmesan sauce

Can't decide? 

Why not ask our Executive Chef to create a menu for you based on your preferences and surprise your guests on the night. 

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