Canape Collection

Small Bites, Big Taste

Some say the best things come in small packages That’s certainly true when it comes to our flavourful, bite-sized canapés.

Our range of canapés allows you to serve your guests at any time during an event. Guests can mix and mingle, walk and talk while canapes are circulated around over a number of hours, plus you are still able to incorporate any formalities needed like speeches, presentations or awards.  

Canapés are a gorgeous cost-effective choice for many as you don’t need crockery, cutlery, or formal seating and as the host you get heaps of time to be with your guests.

Served by our flawless front-of-house team, these seasonal & unique bites are the perfect accompaniment to any party. Small, elegant, full of flavour and creative.

A Sample of our Canape Collection Menu


• Beet tartare with cashew nut labneh crostini (VG)
• Blue cheese, pear butter and walnut bilins (V)
• Sweet tomato and chipotle salsa, artichoke on flaky ricotta pastry (V)
• Sweetcorn fritter, fresh avocado, herbed yoghurt, fresh chilli (NDA) (NGA)
• Curry spiced kumara and carrot fritters with herbed sour cream (NGA)


• Eye fillet on red onion palmers and salsa Verde
• Spiced cured Venison, hazelnut creme, cranberry jel on rye toast with roast hazelnut crumb
• Horopito lamb, onion jam, Kikorangi cream, oat and walnut biscuit
• Soy and stout pork belly skewers (NGA)
• Halloumi and bacon wrap (NGA)
• Zorba chicken skewers with yoghurt hummus sauce (NGA)


• Coconut, lime and coriander raw fish salad (Ika Mata) (NGA)
• Mango, avocado, chilli and prawn cocktail (NGA)
• Thai fish cakes with lime mayo (NGA)
• Sesame prawn toasts

Perfect For Roaming

Let your guests roam free at your event, mix and mingle, connect and be social. That's what events are for after all!

With our wide range of canapes from the garden, the land, and the sea, your guests will be sustained while also ensuring all dietaries are taken care of.

If you are wanting to add a little extra, ask us about our 'Walk n Fork' menu. These delicious bowls are a great compliment to our canapes and offer your guests a mini-meal. Great for longer events or evening celebrations where the bubbles will be flowing!